So, you have a car. Congratulations, this is a celebration! But before opening this last bottle of champagne, you need to know a few things about buying auto insurance for your car. If you have neglected this decision for a while, it’s time to wake up. Because not having auto insurance is illegal, but it’s easier to talk about insurance than buying. Many factors affect insurance rates – age, gender and place of residence being the most important.

And most insurers demand higher rates because young drivers are inexperienced. However, you can do some things to keep your premium rates affordable.

Here are 4 ways to get cheap auto insurance for new drivers.

Do not be too chic

We know that the modern generation is a matter of customization, but it’s wise to hold your pulse to personalize your car. If you are a young new driver with a modified car, car insurers can use it to apply higher premium rates.

Even if it’s just tinted windows or a simple hatchback, avoid modifications to make your premium affordable.

Go for a higher excess

Surplus is the amount of difference you would have to pay if your claim is greater than your coverage. Policies with a higher surplus offer lower premium rates.

However, make sure you can afford to pay the excess, in case you need to make a claim in the future.

Add another older driver

When you purchase insurance, you can add another driver to your policy. Since you are a new driver, it is best to add an older driver, such as a parent, who has experience and reliable road skills.

This reduces your premium costs. However, avoid naming the oldest driver as your primary driver while you are the primary driver. Making false statements like this is called “fronting” and is illegal.

Get your certification

The best way to ensure you get affordable premium rates, or even discounts, is to prove that you are a credible driver. There are many driving lessons that you can follow to improve your driving skills and your ability to think standing while driving.

Many insurance companies recognize reputable courses and offer great discounts if you pass these tests. Instead of stopping with a certification, keep learning to keep your credit score high and your premiums affordable.

See? It’s not too difficult to do. With a few simple ways, you can reduce your premium rate by a large margin. In car insurance, every little gesture can help you secure your car. Do you have questions about buying your first car insurance?

Contact us and we will help you get the best deal possible. Share your insurance experiences with us in the comments below.

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