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Laws and Penalties

Laws and Penalties for Not Having Liability Requirements by State

The auto insurance coverage is not the same in all the states of US. It changes from state to state depending on many factors. To drive legally, one must meet the state minimum requirements and if you are not meeting these minimum requirements you will be considered as an underinsured motorist.

For any state, liability coverage includes two parts:

  • bodily injury liability (BI), which pays for injuries to others
  • property damage liability (PD), which pays for damage to someone else’s car or property.

Each state requires you to have a minimum level of liability coverage to ensure that you are fully protected. If you are an underinsured motorist, you will end up paying a huge amount of money in case you met with an accident. Also, some states ask you to carry SR22 insurance if you don’t meet the state minimum requirements.

Laws and Penalties When You Meet With an Accident

If you reside or meet with an accident in torte state, then you should comply with the Torte insurance law. At-fault drivers in a crash are responsible for paying the other driver’s medical expenses. The at-fault driver also will be responsible for additional damages, such as loss of wages and “pain and suffering.” You will be asked to carry liability insurance in a torte state.

Few other states follow no-fault insurance law where your auto insurance provider will automatically pay for your certain damages, regardless of fault, up to a specified limit

Other Laws and Penalties

Other laws and penalties related to your auto insurance include ticketing, driving without insurance, a lapse in your auto insurance, and cellphone usage laws.

Insurance companies can charge you more if you have a bad driving history. Any driving violation committed is recorded in your driving history. By law, an insurer provides you a custom quote based on this.

Driving without a license or with a revoked or suspended license is considered a violation. You can be punished for this by law.

Another violation includes making a lapse in the payment of the insurance. This will result in a higher policy premium next time.

16 states enact a hands-free cell phone law, making it illegal to hold your phone while driving, adding to the existing driver texting ban.

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